Silencing Your Inner Critic

Studies have shown that of our daily thoughts, a staggering 80% are attributed to negative thoughts. Even more shocking? 95% of those thoughts are repeating themselves day after day.  That’s enough to bring your entire day to a screeching (and somewhat depressing!) halt. If we allow it, our Inner Critic can take over, running wild […]

Love Is A Verb

Are Relationships Like The Movies? Don’t we enjoy a good, old-fashioned romantic comedy? Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love andthen maybe run into some trouble. They figure it out, then the boy proposes to girl (always inquite the grandest of styles!). Next? They get married, and then, of course, they live happilyever […]

Bitter Or Better

I believe most of us have that ‘one’ friend, family member, or acquaintance; you know the one. You beeline for a completely different aisle when you see her in the grocery store! No time for this today! Why? The negativity, self-pity, and same-ole-story routine can be just plain exhausting. She’s choosing bitterness. Bitterness is a […]

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