When Things Don’t Go As Planned

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Life is sailing along quite smoothly: a great job, picture-perfect kiddos who are active in all the things, a supportive spouse, and a wonderful church you attend with your family. You’re living out everything you’d ever wanted and dreamed of as a little girl! 

But what happens when things don’t go as planned?

Your job is downsized due to economic conditions, causing financial strain and, in turn – marital issues. Perhaps your spouse’s parent becomes chronically ill, and your family is now the caregiver. Even our sweet and fun little ones can become difficult and even a little rebellious as they hit the teenage years. Maybe you’re just disappointed in your marriage. You’ve both drifted, and now you’re left feeling disconnected. Or perhaps there’s been a betrayal.

These unexpected (and very unwanted) situations in our lives can leave us feeling out of control and utterly unsure of which way to turn. 

So, what can we do when life takes a turn in a direction we weren’t expecting? 

Gather support. For yourself and for your family. 

Does your church have pastoral or counseling care? Take them up on it. 

Seek out coaching or counseling. 

Be wise and reach out for help!


Keep talking with your spouse and your family. Shutting down will build walls. 


Prioritize your needs, too. 


Most of all, cover your situation in prayer. 

When I received the very unwelcome news of Tim’s affair, needless to say – I was devastated. 

It was definitely not in my plans! 

But, I took steps to take care of myself, get help and support, and work through the situation – day-by-day. 

Years later, I’m so grateful that I did.

If things aren’t going quite as you expected today, what steps can you begin to take to turn things around?

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When Things Don’t Go As Planned
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