Now What?

Now What? Purpose and Choices

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Now what?”  At different times of my life I certainly have. 

There have been times when I’m left wondering things like:

  • What am I to do now?
  • Who am I?
  • Am I fulfilled in my life?
  • What’s next?
  • And, Now What?

I would usually find myself asking those questions after life-changing events, which over the years have included:

  • Moving to a new state and city
  • Entering our empty-nest season when our last child went to college
  • Becoming a grandparent (Really, I’m that old?!)
  • And the biggest change that left me wondering was my husband’s affair

What Fills Your Heart?

It was in times like these that I realized I had to do the work and find what really would fill my heart. 

I remember our move to Florida. This move was significant, as it was our first move without children. You see, with all our other moves it had been my job to acclimate the children to their new home. I was the one getting them involved in their new school and community.  But this move was different; I only had to myself to acclimate! To top it off, Tim was working in New York and only home on the weekends. So, I was really left alone to wonder, “Now What?”

At first, I filled the time by joining all five of the neighborhood Bunco groups! (Yes, I said all of the five Bunco groups!) It wasn’t long before I realized I was missing something. While I enjoyed meeting the neighbors and establishing some friendships, I was feeling unfulfilled. It was time for me to do some soul-searching and do the work to discover what was next for me.

Looking For YOUR “Now What”

In our other moves, I had found things to keep me active and feeling that I was giving back to others. Whether it was joining the PTO, volunteering at a local women’s shelter or the children’s school or resale shop, being on the March of Dimes board, or becoming a Foster Mom–I found something that filled my heart. Something that gave me purpose and direction.  

Our lives can be full of changes and challenges that can leave us wondering, Now What?  I know how empty it feels during the season of wondering what we are to do, what our next step might be, and seeking what will give us the feeling of living a purposeful life. 

My friend, God doesn’t want us to live in the unsure and unknown–the Now What. He has given each of us unique gifts and callings, and He wants us to seek His purpose for our lives. He tells us in Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

But because I have been there, I have crafted a retreat specifically to help you hone in on how to live a fulfilling life through discovering their purpose. 

I hope you will join me In February for Pursuing Purpose Retreat, and begin to take steps toward discovering and fulfilling your God-given purpose!

Now What?
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