Now What?

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Now what?”  At different times of my life I certainly have.  There have been times when I’m left wondering things like: I would usually find myself asking those questions after life-changing events, which over the years have included: What Fills Your Heart? It was in times like these that […]

Purpose in the Pain

Blue Baby Syndrome My youngest son, Patrick, recently had a birthday. As I contemplated this special day, I was taken back to the day of his birth. Although Patrick is a grown man now, that day and the days to follow are forever etched into my mind.  What should have been a joyous day with […]


He (or she) Drives Me Crazy! Even in the happiest, most satisfied marriages, spouses tend to have that one little thing about their partner that drives them absolutely crazy! He doesn’t close doors behind him, leaving the unsightly pantry or closet mess in view of guests.  Her hair accessories and makeup are littered across the […]

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