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Surrendering Changes Everything!

After seeing the movie Breakthrough, there were two critical points that really made an impact on me. The first is when Joyce Smith arrives at the hospital and is escorted into the ER room where her 14-year-old son lies lifeless. All life-saving measures have been stopped. John fell through the ice into Lake Sainte Louise, […]

Twenty Dollars and a Porter

A while back, I flew out to spend a week with my daughter Mia, her husband Sam and their first baby Aiden—then only two weeks old. I was so excited to meet my newest grandson! Having a newborn in the house meant there would be some big changes and adjustments for their little family. I […]

Traveling: More Than Worth It

Usually I enjoy occasional travel, but last year was very different. Not only did I spend more time traveling than most years; there was an unprecedented number of delays.  I’ve come to expect holdups from snow and ice when flying in the winter. However, I mostly took flights in the summer, so it was odd […]

Cards On the Mantel

Visiting my daughter recently, I noticed she had put the cards on display that she’d recently received for her birthday. There they were all on top of her mantel. I looked at each card; some were pretty while others had a silly picture. Spending time looking at each card was peaceful and brought back memories.  […]

Word for the year…

For several years now, I have chosen a word for the year instead of making New Year resolutions. Pause, Just Enough, Embrace Change and Bloom These are my words for the last several years. Why A Word For The Year Why? While there are many reasons that resolutions don’t work, I’m going to focus on […]

Just Enough

Just after Christmas last year, I discovered that my checking account was almost empty!  It had been a wonderful holiday as the whole family had come to stay. Our house had been full of activities, laughter and love. Now it was empty and so was our bank account.  Entertaining and feeding a group of 17 […]


Blogging… I have thought about starting to write as a blogger. Then I questioned myself: am I a blogger? First, I needed to find out what a blogger actually is. I did some research, and one definition I found said: “A blog is a website where someone regularly records their thoughts or experiences and stories.” […]

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