Failure Is Inevitable

Failure is inevitable street sign

As I was headed to visit my daughter and her family recently, I happened upon this road sign. It’s pretty puzzling, isn’t it? My goal was to reach my destination on Azalea Drive – but is that the same as Cloverly Drive, Meadowdale Drive, and Morning Glory Drive? 

I was confused. The next step for me was pretty unclear and overwhelming, and I wasn’t sure which way to turn. 

Doesn’t this sound just the way life can feel at times?

We face a decision, and it’s complicated- maybe even scary – to know which way to turn. One mistake, and we might be entirely headed in the wrong direction! There’s a risk in taking the wrong turn, which may lead to failure. We may be unsuccessful in reaching the desired location – our goal at that moment or in life. Or maybe it’s just a slight detour off the correct path. 

Whatever the case, failure is, at times – inevitable. 

Even if we don’t encounter crazy signs like this one, the way isn’t always obvious, is it?

The choices we make may lead to eventual disappointments or defeats. At times. 

However, we can choose to handle life’s wrong turns, letdowns, and failures with grace – and we can learn to rise again! 

Even if we stumble along the way, we discover more about ourselves each time. And then we choose a better direction with the next opportunity. We can learn to accept that there will be defeats and failures, but we know we will stand again. 

When was the last time you hit a road sign like this one? Did life throw you a curveball that left you overwhelmed and lost? Take a breath, pray, and make your turn. If you fail – if you miss the destination, just remember. You can turn things around. Rise up and try again. 

Yes, failure is inevitable. But staying down? That’s an option. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering if I made it to my destination? I did! After a couple of wrong turns and a phone call, I finally made it!

Failure Is Inevitable

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  1. This is the theme of men’s group – “getting back up” ! What a fantastic lead in 🤓

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