He (or she) Drives Me Crazy! Even in the happiest, most satisfied marriages, spouses tend to have that one little thing about their partner that drives them absolutely crazy! He doesn’t close doors behind him, leaving the unsightly pantry or closet mess in view of guests.  Her hair accessories and makeup are littered across the […]


Grief And Betrayal I was touched recently while reading a daily devotion. It was one that I read daily, it is written by Bob Gass Ministry. This day was about Healing for Your Grief. “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Ps 147:3 The Lord didn’t promise to protect us from pain and […]


Habits change into character.  – Ovid Whether we like it or not, our days are full of habits. They can be good habits … or they can be bad habits. Yes – we all have those, too. Some patterns are thought-out, and others come so instinctively they’re second nature to our daily routine.  Take a […]

Be A Student of Your Spouse

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” —Helen Hayes The Newlywed Game. We may be dating ourselves here, but who else remembers this entertaining game show? Newly married couples played against other couples in a game of ‘who knows their spouse better.’ And it never failed; silliness and sometimes even irritation ensued as someone […]

Celebration 2022

Merry almost Christmas!  It’s time to celebrate Jesus and have cherished time with family and friends.  But what if things aren’t so merry and bright with your relationship? We’ve developed some practical tips to help keep you focused on each other and the real reason for Christmas. We pray that you can slow down and […]

Sex and Intimacy

Sex. (I bet we just caught your attention!) How do you relate to sex and intimacy in your marriage? Do you and your spouse delight in God’s beautiful plan for physical and emotional connection through sex and share on a deeper level? Or perhaps it’s viewed less as a loving and attached experience and more […]

Communication: How Does It Make Me Feel?

Communication: a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. That’s Merriam-Webster’s definition. So how do you define communication? Better yet: Communication in Marriage How is communication in your marriage? Most counselors and coaches (including us) agree that communication is foundational to a solid marriage relationship. […]

Where There Is A Will There Is A Way

Let’s be honest. Marriage isn’t always the walk in the park or the pretty picture we see painted daily on social media. In fact, marriage can sometimes be downright patience-testing and frustrating. Those days when we would instead tuck our tails and run? We all have them. But, the decisions we make on those days […]

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