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Infidelity revealed. Rocky recovery. Marriage restored.

Tim and Diana Journy tell the brutally honest story from each of their perspectives of the devastation that infidelity causes in a marriage. Their unique style allows the reader to be present with them during their rocky journey from the actual letter revealing the infidelity through the numerous missteps in their attempts at healing and finally to the restoration of a marriage. As you read you will see that being caught in the snare of infidelity puts you on a treacherous path. Yet, Tim and Diana pressed on never giving up, even when the future looked bleak. They worked with many to get guidance, direction, and tools. But most importantly, they learned to lean on God.

This book is about providing hope to others who find themselves on their own Journey.

Splintered Hearts: Untangling the Chaos of Infidelity

Where do you go when the pain and heartbreak of a cheating spouse confronts you? What do you do with the feelings of self-doubt, anger, and depression? How do you cope with the alternating tears and murderous rage that envelops you? But perhaps most importantly, where is God when you’re in a pit of such despair that you can barely put one foot in front of the other to face another day?

Fourteen women come together in Splintered Hearts: Untangling the Chaos of Infidelity to tell their stories of surviving adultery. As you read these heart-wrenching stories of betrayal, you will see how each brave author took steps to move in her healing. Each story is different, because there is no “one size fits all” with betrayal. Adulterous behavior comes in different forms—physical, mental, and emotional. And finally, there is no perfect ending. Every author had to walk through her individual circumstances and come to accept her unique destination, as will each person who reads this book. Learn more…

Journal to Healing

Journaling was my sanity-keeper in my personal recovery journey after learning of my husband’s affair. It was a way for me to have a brain dump and release my mind from all the destructive and unproductive thoughts that consumed my thought process. For me, journaling was also a self-discovery aid, helping me sort out all the chaos in my mind. Plus, it helped me navigate the most devastating grief and personal pain that I had ever felt.

Journaling is a practical and accessible way to stay connected to your inner self, your mind, your thoughts, your dreams, and your purpose in life. It’s an ongoing conversation with yourself that you can have in any place at any time.

When healing from the devastation of betrayal, it helps to sort out the thoughts that are swirling around and see the connection between your thought process and the disappointment and pain you are suffering from being betrayed. Journaling can be an avenue to make sense out of something that makes no sense. It means peeling back the onion layers of infidelity in a safe place, the safety of our journals. Learn more…


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We Saved Our Marriage,
You can save yours too.

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Heal Your Marriage

We Saved Our Marriage,
You can save yours too.

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