Month: December 2021

Recovering From the Holidays

Having trouble recovering from the holidays? Regaining “normal” seems a little bit out of reach? These simple tips will help you regain your equilibrium and be ready for a fantastic 2022! Focus on being present Be openly grateful Schedule some down time with loved ones… or yourself Pray These all work together to help you […]

Merry Marriage: Surviving the Holidays

Tis the Season to be…well.. not always merry, with all the holiday hustle, bustle, and just plain ole stress.  Here are a few tips we’ve come up with for surviving (and even thriving!) during the holidays.  Focus on the small positive moments. They’re there! Take a step back, take a deep breath – then look […]


Scars As I was reading a book recently, I noticed the main character seemed a bit odd.  She might be described as type A personality; high-stress, impatient – maybe even a bit aggressive. As I continued to read, the story began to give hints about the scars this young woman carried. Little by little it […]

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