scars, a woman's face with a visible healing cut


As I was reading a book recently, I noticed the main character seemed a bit odd.  She might be described as type A personality; high-stress, impatient – maybe even a bit aggressive. As I continued to read, the story began to give hints about the scars this young woman carried. Little by little it shows the why behind the scars, and we see ALL she had been carrying around.  

The story really got me thinking about my own wounds – and the scars they have left behind.

First, I had to acknowledge that I do indeed have scars. Seeing the scars on my body is easy; I can tell you where each and every scar came from.  For instance, some are minor – like the one on my knee from the time I fell on gravel as a young child – or the one on my wrist where a dog bit me. Then there are more serious scars, like the scars on my torso from surgeries.  

The Invisible Scars

Scars are created from a wound that has healed but left a visible reminder of the event that caused them. As I thought about visible scars, I began to wonder about all the invisible scars.

I know that I carry invisible scars too. The emotional scar of something that happened in the past. I know that I have many of those too! For me, they range from minor to huge, to even devastating. A minor scar might be a childhood friend calling me a name or deciding they don’t like me. A devastating one for me was when my husband had an affair. Of course, there are many in between. I couldn’t even begin to make a list.  More importantly I’m not sure I want to open all those old wounds. I have moved on from them.  

Internal wounds are caused by some else’s words, actions, or choices. These wounds leave scars just like the physical scars; the difference is they are not seen by the naked eye. They are there – and if not healed properly, they can rear their ugly head. They’ll show their presence by affecting our words, actions, attitudes, and choices. Unhealed emotional wounds are easily ripped open, giving them the opportunity to show up over and over again. 

Healing From Wounds 

So, what do we do when we are wounded emotionally? How do we begin healing? The severity of the offense will dictate the steps necessary for the healing. A minor offense might need to be dealt with when the situation happens, not allowing it to fester – and not allowing the wound to form. A more major offense might mean getting professional help. 

Never be afraid to take the steps that you need to heal the wound. Isn’t it better to be proactive; better to take the steps to heal than to continue on with a chip on your shoulder?  

There are many modalities for healing the invisible scars. They include counseling, coaching, group programs, prayer, and so many more. I encourage you to find the one that works to help you heal your wounds.

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