I Still Believe

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I Still Believe…

While walking one day, God spoke to me about believing. Walking through an event like a pandemic can leave us with many doubts about the future.  Yet, as I walked that day, I heard Him say: “Still believe”.  

My mind turned to the many times I had doubted: the premature birth of our fourth baby, the mountain of debt that we could not move. I looked around and things seemed hopeless; but the biggest time I doubted was my husband’s affair.

I can so clearly see the hand of God as each event turned into a miracle.  Our premature son beat all the odds, and today he is a successful businessman, a loving husband, and father. The mountain of debt? It was taken down piece by piece. Against all odds, my husband and I not only survived his infidelity. We have also soared to new heights in our marriage. Now we are blessed by helping other couples to heal from betrayal or take their own marriages to new heights.  

Beating The Odds

Contemplating on my walk that day, it occurred to me that we really had beat the odds. My husband once told me that his counselor shared with Tim that the odds were against his affair relationship lasting. Tim told his counselor that he liked it when the odds were against him. I never realized until today how much the deck was stacked against us as a couple. As much as I don’t like to admit it or even think about it, he was entrenched in his affair partner. She was determined to win the man she thought would rescue her. Yes, the odds were definitely against our marriage.

That was not God’s plan for us! The day He showed up everything changed. I can say today – I still believe!  

God is in control during this time of uncertainty: coronavirus, financial strain, jobs, education, marital struggles – all of it. And that when all is done, life will again resemble our normal lives. We will have changed because of what we have gone through while we were staying in place. Our new lives will be different – but there will be blessings! I still believe that He will do it again!

I Still Believe
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