Merry Marriage: Surviving the Holidays

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Tis the Season to be…well.. not always merry, with all the holiday hustle, bustle, and just plain ole stress. 

Here are a few tips we’ve come up with for surviving (and even thriving!) during the holidays. 

  1. Focus on the small positive moments. They’re there! Take a step back, take a deep breath – then look around and appreciate all those little things happening; even amid the craziness that can be Christmas, soak it all in. Cherish every minute.
  2. Each day, try to take one small extra step – text, note, love note on the mirror, to remind each other of how blessed you are. Show gratitude for one another. 
  3. Give the best gift of all to one another – the priceless gift of time.
  4. Discuss the reason for the season with your spouse.
  5. Pray together. Often.
  6. Make a list of gifts you want to purchase. 
  7. Budget, then talk it through. Make sure to come to an agreement on money to be spent.
  8. Accept that you cannot control everything and everyone. Remind yourselves of this frequently!
  9. Limit your busyness – remember B.U.S.Y. – is Being Under Satan’s Yoke. Slow down and enjoy this beautiful time of year.
  10. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize! 
  11. Surround yourself with like-minded friends and family who will support and encourage you.
  12. Try to remember that your actions and words can hurt your spouse. Don’t let the moment’s stress cause pain for those around you.  

Our prayer this holiday season is that you slow down and enjoy each precious moment. May you show extra love to those around you – and always remember the REAL reason for this season!

Merry Christmas and Merry Marriage!

Merry Marriage: Surviving the Holidays
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