Cards On the Mantel

Visiting my daughter recently, I noticed she had put the cards on display that she’d recently received for her birthday. There they were all on top of her mantel. I looked at each card; some were pretty while others had a silly picture. Spending time looking at each card was peaceful and brought back memories.  I picked up the card with the golden retriever on the front. The golden has its head sticking out the window, loving the wind in its face.  It brought back memories of our two goldens, Madis and Blue.           

I loved that she, too, displayed her cards. I have always done the same.  DisplayIng cards I receive always invites me to enjoy the excitement that I felt when I first saw the envelope in the mailbox.  It feels like the pure joy of knowing someone cares. Receiving cards makes me feel special and that is why it’s important to me to display the cards. I remind myself of the truth. Yes, someone cared enough to think of me!

Any occasion that I receive cards, I put them on the mantel on display for everyone.  Not only for others to see, but more as a reminder for myself.  It feels good to remember that someone had thought enough to hand pick a special card!  Yes, a card picked just for me!  I feel so much love from people knowing they cared enough that I made their Christmas card list or they remembered my birthday.  The cards on the mantel allow me to bask in the warm feelings of knowing that someone cared enough.

Am I any different from you?  Doesn’t it feel good to know that someone cares?  Someone made a trip to the store, took the time to read through many cards until they found the exact one.  For the person buying the card it’s a simple act of thoughtfulness, but for the receiver it touches their heart, Yes, someone cared enough to let them know they are special.

As I take down the cards from my birthday, Christmas or whatever the event, to make room for the next batch of cards to come in, reminiscing while reading each card again reminding myself how blessed I am.  Making a mental note to return the kindness and thoughtfulness.  To give back the gift of letting them know that I care enough to take the time to pick that perfect card for them.

Putting the cards away, my mind drifts back to growing up.  I can see my mom placing Christmas cards on the mantel of the red brick fireplace.  Dressed with poinsettias and Christmas stocking.  A tradition has been handed down.  Three generations are carrying on the tradition of cards on the mantel.  I wonder if one day my granddaughters will place cards they receive on their mantels? 

Cards On the Mantel
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