Divine Detours

As I reflect back through the years of my life, I can see how the twists and turns, the ups and downs, were always woven by the hand of God. Some of the paths were straight, some were anything but straight, and there were many divine detours along the way! 

So, what exactly does a divine detour look like? 

We can take ourselves off the course God has for us, and He can still redeem. He will often bring a person into our lives to redirect us or open (or close!) a door when we have been reluctant to let go of that door knob. 

Or, through the choices and actions of another – and no fault of our own, we can find ourselves on detours. These can feel like a never-ending roundabout that keeps us spinning wildly out of control. And yet, He can still redeem. 

What does God do with our detours? 

Ultimately, God will always use our detours for His purposes (ah, there’s the divine!). When we allow Him to walk us through that alternate route – His detour – so that we can see His purpose and plan for our lives. It may not be the easy path or the simple way, but if we allow it, there will always be a lesson to be learned!

When Tim’s affair derailed and fully detoured our marriage, I had to decide. What would I do with the diversion? This wasn’t the path I had envisioned for my life. Would I allow it to keep me headed down the path of bitterness and unforgiveness, or would I allow God to come in and change my heart? I made the choice to allow God to use Tim’s infidelity for His greater purpose. That not only altered the course of our marriage but has also enabled us to help many others through difficult times in their relationships. 

With an open heart and mind, I gained a new perspective on my own marriage and a unique view of the marriage relationship. God grew me in ways I could never have cultivated in my own power. While it certainly was not an easy or enjoyable journey, I can see as I look back down that winding path that God was walking with me through it all and leading me gently. Leading me to a greater purpose than just my own healing. 

God can and will use our detours – both to help us and to help others through them. 

Divine Detours
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