Unleashing the Power Within

Unleashing The Power Within; picture of light bulb burning brightly

I recently invested in myself by joining Tony Robbins’ inspirational program, ‘Unleash the Power Within.’ Signing up for these events takes some intentional thought, as they can be time-consuming and, let’s face it, expensive! 

But I sure made the right decision by enrolling. Tony is a powerhouse of energy and motivation! Though it was a 4-day virtual conference, I felt fully immersed and connected and walked away completely refreshed and revitalized from my experience. 

Tips and Takeaways

I’d love to share some of my favorite tips and takeaways from Tony’s program with you: 

  1. Breakthrough – We need to break through what is holding us back: anything that holds us back from healing ourselves, our marriage, building a successful business, career, breaking addictions or bad habits, etc. Find a coach or counselor; seek the Lord. Get your breakthrough. It is possible.
  2. Energy – It’s critical for our emotional and physical health. We need to know and practice what gets us in a peak state. Get up and move regularly. It’s not that hard – just do it! You can even just move in your chair (I even moved around while watching the virtual conference!).
  3. Beautiful State – Start each and every day in a Beautiful State. Find what works for you and do it every day. Being grateful is always a great place to start. Try breathing, mediation, or prayer. It doesn’t matter – just find what works for you.
  4. Heart – Move from mind to heart – and make that your emotional home.
  5. Proximity – It’s power. Who you align with is who you will become. That’s powerful. 
  6. Beliefs and Values – They control every action in life; they drive what we do.
  7. Read – Daily – even if only for 30 minutes. Challenge yourself to feed your mind each day!
  8. And the most important tip: Always believe you are enough. Get rid of the old stories, let go of what others have spoken into you, and release those failures that leave you feeling unworthy or less-than. You are enough!

Stretch and Grow

While Tony’s program was undoubtedly demanding of my time and my concentration, I’ve already seen the return on my investment. It’s been worth each and every penny – and every minute – spent. 

Remember – we have to stretch and grow, my friends – and sometimes we just need to do those things that we really don’t think we have time (or, to be honest, the energy!) to do. That conference you’ve been thinking of attending, that book you want to read, that coffee shop that’s been calling your name? Make the investment into you. That is where we will find our personal growth and the strength to believe in ourselves again.

Unleashing the Power Within
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