Power of a Word

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Power of a Word

What’s in a word?

It’s something we don’t necessarily give frequent thought to, let alone pause and intentionally CHOOSE. 

At the beginning of each new year, we tend to be resolution-makers and goal-setters. For many years, that was me too: picking a goal and hoping to have enough steam to keep it going all year long!

For me, choosing Word of the Year (WOTY!) just makes sense. It’s a much simpler and more effective way of maintaining an area of focus for myself. It’s an easy, daily reminder of what’s important to me. I don’t have to feel guilty if I fall off the resolution bus; I have my word for the year!

Tim and I like to review our previous year’s successes (and the not-so-successful things, too!), and my WOTY will often emerge through these discussions. It’s a natural extension of where my heart is and where I should be focused for the upcoming year.

An Intentional Pause

I’ve found that discovering your word is a purposeful process, an intentional pause. It helps tremendously to take time to step away from your daily busyness, reflect on where you’ve been and where you want to go. Then listen. Be deliberate about your listening and reflecting. Finally, take the time to pray and ask God for direction in choosing your word.

Once you’ve settled on a word, write it down and reflect again. Is this a word you can see yourself committed to for an entire year? Unlike a New Year’s Resolution, which tends to fizzle out quickly, a Word of the Year is meant to bring intentionality all year long – and sometimes it rolls right on through to the next! 

Found your word? Now write it down and post it where it can be seen – multiple places! Give yourself visual reminders of your word – or maybe words – and repeat often. 

Track Your Words

If this is your first time choosing a WOTY, I encourage you to find a place to track your words for each year. I have a running list of my words over the years, and it’s a blessing to see how God has brought me through and then to the next thing; all weaved into my words of the year!

For 2022, my Word of the Year is Serenity.

I landed on serenity after moving through a couple of other words that just didn’t quite fit. Serenity fits. I need serenity and peace around my daily choices and decisions. If I choose to spend time with my kids and grandkids and away from my business – or choose to work with clients and miss my granddaughter’s competition, I need serenity. So this is my focus for the year.

How about you? 

Are you ready to make a change to a WOTY for 2022? 

We’d love to hear what word you chose and why! 

Power of a Word
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